The Riddle of Psalm 89

ethan_psalm89Whether you use a journaling app on your phone… a composition notebook… or fancier journal, it’s useful to write out what comes to mind as you P.R.A.Y. the scriptures.

Here’s a sample of a journal entry.

You may read it and decide “this is better than I could do”… or you may decide “I could do far better than that”. The point is that by recording your efforts to P.R.A.Y. you can focus your own mind, have a record of your spiritual exercises, and have Good News to share (an important part of being a whole hearted follower of Christ).

In other words, “just journal it” then pray it!

The Riddle of Psalm 89

Psalm 89 begins extolling all the Lord’s promises to David. How glorious!

The latter part bemoans the divine chastisement that has befallen David’s succession.

How can both be true and God be faithful?

On its own Old Testament terms it can be true because God’s covenant promises always demand we receive them by faith!

But the riddle most gloriously unravels in light of David’s Son, our Lord Jesus Christ who is the heir of Adam, Abraham, and David who does not disappoint!

In Him as Rom 3 says, God is Just and yet Justifies in and through Christ!

P. I praise you Lord that in Christ you show yourself perfectly holy yet perfectly gracious.

R. I repent of claiming your covenant promises while being unwilling to live with proper gratitude, holiness, and thanks.

A. Lord restore to your church a true awe and worship before your holiness and love. Let us not exalt one at the expense of the other,

Y. Lord help me to worship you rightly this hour as I properly esteem your holiness and love. Help me to extol your attributes to someone else today.

Image courtesy Ethan @ Photobucket