P.R.A.Y. Psalm 67

The LORD make his face shine upon thee

The LORD make his face shine upon thee (Photo credit: Hindrik S)

Psalm 67 – May The Peoples Praise You

Goal: To understand the Psalms and Psalm 67 better – not only how they were used in ancient times but how modern Christians use them to pray and worship.


Question: “How do you learn to love the Lord will all your heart, soul, strength, and mind and obey everything He commands?”

Answer: “Oh, I Pray! (O.I.P.R.A.Y.) the Bible”

Observing & Interpreting Psalm 67

Read Psalm 67 twice at least.

Then read these two passages:

Genesis 12: 1-3

Numbers 6: 24-26

How do these passages relate to Psalm 67?

What is the purpose of God’s blessing as stated in Psalm 67?

What, then, is Psalm 67 a prayer about?

How Do These Verses Lead you To…

P. = Praise and Thanksgiving?

R. = Reflect, Repent, Return to Jesus Christ?

A. = Ask, Seek, and Knock (Pray Kingdom Oriented Prayers)?

Y. = Say YES! to God’s Will

Follow through:
Pray – Turn your answers into active prayer, praise, repentance, and seeking God’s strength to carry out your plans to follow His will!

Remember… Saying “YES!” to God’s Will revealed in Scripture ultimately leads us to SHARE & BLESS.

SHARE – What you’ve found with your household, friends, and/or small group this week!

Who do you know who needs to hear what you’ve discovered?

BLESS – How will you, your household, small group, etc. live out a lifestyle of mercy this week?

Weekly Challenge:

  • Continue reading Psalm 67 this week. Observe, Interpret and P.R.A.Y. through the Psalm and be prepared to share next week.
  • How are you doing trying to obey God’s Word when you study it weekly? Are you saying “Yes!” to God and putting it into practice?
  • Are you sharing what you learn with other people inside and outside the Body of Christ? Start with your household, then a friend.