Relaunching Soon

We’ll be re-launching soon. It will focus on 4 Disciplines of Drawing Near to God and will be centered on helping historic churches assist people in drawing near to God.

One of the things it will help them do is practice the discipline of COMMUNITY.

We don’t normally think of that as a “discipline”. We usually think of community as something that “happens” to us… that we have little active role in shaping.

Instead seeing and building Christian community are part of the discipline of community.

We see the growing community God is giving us as we map out the existing relationships we find ourselves in and prayerfully asking 2 questions:

“Lord in the community you have already given me or in the community you are building for me….”

“…Who can I love in Christ’s Name this week?”

“…Who can I help Draw Near to God for themselves this week?”


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