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P.R.A.Y. Psalm 110

Photograph of medieval canvas "Abraham an...

Photograph of medieval canvas “Abraham and Melchisedek” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

P.R.A.Y. Psalm 110

Because this is a short Psalm with just a few verses, WRITE OUT THE PSALM WORD FOR WORD.

Consulting more than one translation of Psalm 110 (available at this link), write out how you’d explain the Psalm in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Lastly, P.R.A.Y. the Psalm… writing out how this Psalm leads you to Praise and Thanksgiving – Reflection, Repentance and Returning to Jesus Christ – Asking, Seeking and Knocking (Kingdom oriented prayer) – Saying “Yes!” to God… be sure to include 1 to 3 “I will” statements…what you will personally focus on putting into practice in the coming week in response to God’s Word in Psalm 110.